Course overview

This course will give you a set of necessary skills and know-how that restaurant entrepreneurs need to succeed.

What you will learn

What you will learn
• To be able to identify the winning strategies to open a restaurant. Ask yourself the right questions and find the right answers for a good business statement. • To identify the success and failure drivers in the food and beverage industry. To avoid the gaps and the traps of a starting business and to become a sustainable value creator. • To write an effective and inspiring business journal, the first milestone of a project. To focus on the big picture while keeping everything under control. • To create irresistible and profitable menus while taking in consideration the different challenges, such as suppliers, costs and inspiration. • To deploy a strong brand so your customers will fall in love with it. To create a full marketing strategy with a strong focus on social media. • To understand the current food trends, what is to come in the next years in the food industry and anticipate competitors.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Knowing that a large number of restaurants fail within the first year, you will learn what to do and what to avoid, and how a food and beverage operation’s menu impacts the need for the physical, human, and financial resources. You will also have an introduction to marketing for the food industry, where you will identify a range of marketing strategies. Self-paced course.