HR Business Partner 2.0

HR Business Partner 2.0

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HRBPs are at the frontline of the business, fulfilling the key role of integrating business strategy with people management practices. This role is rapidly shifting to a more strategic level, where business acumen is as important as HR knowledge. This training program is designed to help human resources professionals prepare to become a truly strategic partner to the business, by acquiring essential skills, ranging from consulting and data literacy, to employee experience and business acumen. Take your rightful seat at the table with strategic business partner skills. Every business challenge has a human capital component. As an HR Business Partner 2.0 you’ll have the strategic, analytical, and communication skills needed to proactively provide leaders with fact-based people solutions to business challenges. Throughout this online training program you will learn the practical skills and techniques you need to succeed as a well-rounded strategic HR business partner. Boost your business acumen Boost your business acumen by understanding how you can add value to the business by identifying strategic challenges. Learn essential skills Develop essential consulting skills such as research & analysis, networking & communication, and storytelling & presenting Become a data-driven partner Develop data literacy skills and learn to use data to drive fact-based people decisions. Employee experience Learn to apply employee experience techniques to improve interactions between the business and HR. Program structure 1 MODULES Business Partner Skills In this introduction, you will get an overview of the knowledge and skills a Strategic HR Business Partner requires and understand how this program helps you acquire them. 4 MODULES Strategic HR Metrics Metrics help determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and the human resources department. The Strategic HR Metrics modules teach you to identify which metrics are relevant to your organization's business goals and how to use these in your work. 4 MODULES Business Acumen, Strategy & Basic Finance Fundamental business skills that will enable you to actively engage in business-related discussions. You will learn about business strategy, develop an understanding of finance, get familiar with key terminology, and understand how HR can contribute to a customer-centric culture. You will also learn how words, tone, and body language impact the effectiveness of your communication. 1 MODULES Consulting Skills Understand how current and future business challenges link to people-challenges and learn to use scientific knowledge and data to provide evidence-based support for decision making. You will also develop the ability to connect and communicate effectively with key stakeholders. 3 MODULES HR Data & Analytics These modules focus on the strategic side of human resources analytics by teaching you how to use insights from data to guide business leaders in the decision-making process. 2 MODULES Employee Experience Human resources management (HRM) has always been about people and, in the digital era, this is more important than ever. Employee experience (EX) is crucial for the success of any company. In these modules, you will take the first step in understanding your employee experience by mapping an employee journey! 3 MODULES Future of Work Fast-moving, important trends are impacting the world of work around us. Learn to prepare the workforce for the future, how to respond to the Digital Agenda, and how to design HR processes to generate profit for the business. 1 MODULES Capstone Project With the capstone project, you will be applying your learnings to complete a series of assignments and create practical deliverables that you can apply in your job.