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HR Metrics & Dashboarding

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Drive fact-based HR decisions by mastering powerful reporting skills and getting the metrics right. As an HR Reporting Specialist, you’ll have a comprehensive skill set that covers the entire reporting process, from implementing essential HR metrics to automating reporting in compelling and intuitive HR dashboards. As an HR Reporting Specialist, you have the skills to turn data into intuitive reports and compelling stories for decision-makers. Throughout this training, you will be working on real datasets using tools like Excel, Power BI and/or Tableau to learn skills that you can immediately apply in your work. HR metrics Learn to create and implement HR Metrics that are aligned with your organization’s strategy. Data visualization Learn to communicate data effectively by creating compelling reports and using storytelling techniques. Interactive dashboards Develop the skills to analyze HR-data in Excel and build intuitive dashboards using Power BI or Tableau. Strategic workforce planning Apply the basics of strategic workforce planning (SWP) and build reports on succession and scenario planning. Program structure 5 MODULES Strategic HR Metrics Metrics help determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and of the HR department itself. The Strategic HR Metrics modules teach you to identify which metrics are relevant to your organization's business goals. You will also learn to measure and implement these metrics successfully. 7 MODULES HR Data Analyst Gain hands-on experience by analyzing HR data and building your own custom HR dashboard in Power BI or Tableau. These modules are specifically designed for people who have little or no experience in working with data. 1 MODULES Global Data Integrity Without consistent and reliable data, effective reporting is impossible. Learn practical techniques to assess the integrity of your data and avoid common pitfalls. 3 MODULES Data Visualization Discover the stories in your data and turn them into beautiful and effective reports. Learn to look at data differently and use visualizations and story-telling techniques to engage and convince stakeholders. 1 MODULES Capstone Project With the capstone project, you will bring your new skills into practice. You will work on building a custom HR dashboard/report from scratch (the dataset will be provided) and focus on creating impactful visualizations with a compelling story.