Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media

Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media

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Hospitality marketing is fast shifting from traditional media to digital forms (e.g., social media, video, website and search, plus mobile applications). New-media technologies have changed the ways consumers experience and value a product or service. So how can you draw on these technologies to enhance your operations and provide distinct customer value? And how can you be sure your efforts in new media are producing tangible returns? Control and meet customer expectations Enhance customer value Enable real-time customer-service recovery measures Respond appropriately in service-recovery scenarios Evaluate financial and customer performance metrics Sustain organizational success amid technological change Organize your firm for long-term competitiveness In this course, you'll examine innovations and trends in new media, and ways to leverage them to your brand's advantage. You will consider how new media can improve your marketing efforts by managing customer expectations and enhancing the consumer experience, and you'll discuss how to measure the success of those efforts. You'll also determine what organizational considerations will allow you to better leverage the evolving impact of new media and plan the future structure and role of your organization in this important area. Explore this content through a mix of input from hospitality industry experts, hands-on practical activities, and the presentation of sound principles by Cornell faculty. Experience the content through the use of a fictional hotel case study with valuable feedback provided by your online instructor and peers. The course Marketing the Hospitality Brand through Digital Media is required to be completed prior to starting this course.