Course overview

Enrich your knowledge on true Italian Pizza SPECIAL PRICE FOR NEW LAUNCH: € 3.650 (VAT included) Official Price: € 4.900 (VAT included)

What you will learn

Students will have the possibility to learn the traditions behind the original Italian Pizza, the techniques as well as the main products related to it, confronting with different styles, ingredients, techniques and interpretations, and finally be ready to enter the world of work with a specific preparation on this unique product. The course will focus on: - Different types of Italian pizza - Knowledge of products and pairings - Training on Pizza, Focaccia and Pizza derivatives

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is dedicated those who wish to learn the different techniques of pizza making and deepen their knowledge on the Italian culture around this product. 3 WEEKS OF IN-SCHOOL LESSONS, DEMONSTRATION AND HANDS-ON SESSIONS + OPTIONAL TRAINEESHIP