Leading Successful Property Management Operations

Leading Successful Property Management Operations

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Investing in proper management of a real estate asset is investing in future profitability. Excellent maintenance and tenant management can increase property values by lowering operational costs, increasing cash flow, and generating higher rents and occupancies. Analyze a property to identify potential issues, differentiate between types of maintenance activities, and identify best practices for each Explore the environmental impacts of a building or property and ways to reduce that impact Analyze leasing strategies to maximize financial health of a real estate asset, and use market comparison and SWOT analyses to help make sound leasing decisions Weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing to make the best decision for your operation Identify the most critical attributes of a facilities and maintenance leader In this course, you will learn leadership traits and strategies for effective facilities management, best practices in critical areas like waste removal and reducing environmental impact, and how to manage overlapping maintenance activities and make outsourcing decisions. If leasing building space is critical to your operation, this course also will prepare you to analyze your property and the market to make sound leasing decisions.