Luxury Wedding & Event Planning Specialization Course

Luxury Wedding & Event Planning Specialization Course

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Start a Career in Luxury Planning It’s easy to get started with QC—enroll in the Luxury Wedding and Event Planning course and you’ll learn all the ins-and-outs of the luxury events industry. Bring your career to the next level with QC’s advanced specialization course! When you enroll with QC you are never alone. We will support you every step of the way to help you reach your goals! Your Course Curriculum Unit A Learn what makes an event ‘luxury’, and find out how to offer luxury service to your clients. Explore the ways in which you can personalize events to give your clients a unique experience, and learn how to please demanding clients. learn more Unit B Find out which marketing channels are best for reaching luxury clients with your brand. Develop marketing messages that will attract luxury clientele. Learn how color schemes can enhance your brand and convey a luxury brand. learn more Unit C Find out how to qualify your clients, conduct client consultations, and draft contracts for luxury clientele. Understand how to structure budgets for luxury weddings and events. Establish a step-by-step timeline for luxury events. Discover various pricing models and learn how to charge for your services. learn more Unit D Learn the types of vendors you’ll work with as a luxury planner, and find out what to look for in these vendors. Explore strategies for developing lasting relationships with good vendors. Find out how to keep up with and set trends in the luxury event planning industry. Become a successful planner of upscale events, weddings, parties, meetings, and celebrations! QC’s online Luxury Event and Wedding Planning Specialization course allows you to take your expertise to the next level. Learn how to work with large budgets, demanding clients, and find out how to build your own network of top suppliers and vendors. Discover how to market your services as a luxury event planner to high-end clients and companies. Organizing luxury events involves far more than managing large budgets. Luxury clients expect you to pay attention to the finest details—they want you to strive for perfection in all respects. QC shows you how to create “over-the-top” events that impress clients and guests alike. You’ll learn how to project luxury in your event planning business and brand.