Course overview

Master in Hospitality Management is ideal for both career changers who wish to move into hospitality, and for career climbers who are already in the field and wish to fast-track their careers.

What you will learn

Besides its 60 ECTS hospitality-business-oriented academic program, it offers a unique Professional Induction Module where the students spend a 4 week period in a hands-on program at the school’s hotel. With our training, we involve the students in exercising both personal, technical and professional problem-solving. We prepare them for the dynamic leadership they will have to exercise as managers of companies. With us, they learn to take decisions independently, objectively and systematically. This will be reflected in the final social and economic results of each year in the company in which they work. Our training program includes industry guest lectures from renowned international hotel managers from distinguished hotel chains, allowing our students to learn about the latest trends in hospitality. Our students take part in the professional development days organized in the hotel school, in which they interact with those responsible for recruiting and selecting in large companies of the industry. The final project allows the knowledge and skills that the students have acquired during the MHM to be applied in a real and customized business plan, focusing on a startup project or an existing business.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Students applying must have a bachelor's degree and/or enough professional experience in the hospitality field. Focus on career, you will select one of two concentrations: Hotel Management Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management Thanks to our Professional Development Days, our students have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from, focusing in Hotel, Events, F&B or Restaurant Management.