Course overview

The Best Step Up for a Successful Career in Hospitality Our program combines advanced hospitality knowledge with real-world experience. It teaches you the theory behind service model strategies and gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge through live projects and a professional immersion in a real hospitality setting.

What you will learn

What you will learn
Develop Real Hospitality Expertise The hospitality industry is unique. Managers need to navigate seasonal fluctuations, 24/7 customer-facing service, high-value premises, and a breadth of talent to manage. Our MSc in Hospitality Management explores fundamental business principles but through a hospitality lens. Learn what operating with agility really means. The program teaches you the nuances of talent management, marketing, revenue strategies, logistics and customer centricity for an industry where change is ever present. It gives you the tools to analyse data, trends and stakeholder values to make good decisions, even in fast-changing situations, training you to become an effective leader. Specialize as you study: during the second semester, you will focus your studies on one of the following streams: o F&B Management: The food service sector has a high-growth potential, yet restaurants themselves face a highly competitive landscape. This program route takes you through innovative strategies for developing profitable business models and meeting evolving customer expectations. o Hospitality Finance, Real Estate and Consulting: Hotel investments are expected to increase globally, and it comes at a time when hospitality businesses are implementing new operating, business, and financing models. Learn how to optimize hotel assets and businesses from a financial point of view to achieve profitability at this opportune time.

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This program prepares you to launch a successful career and assume various management functions in the hospitality industry with advanced business knowledge and professional experience. The courses explore current management trends and best practices, teaching you to implement and improve service model strategies in hospitality businesses. The final capstone project includes a 12-week professional immersion allowing you to apply your new knowledge to a real-world project. This Master in Hospitality Management is an internationally recognized MSc qualification (90 ECTS, 60 US credits). You have a choice of two specializations: F&B Management; or Hospitality Finance, Real estate and Consulting. EHL is the world’s top-ranking hospitality school with the best reputation among employers. When you study at EHL, you experience Swiss hospitality firsthand being immersed in industry best practices. You learn innovative principles from leaders in their fields and experience EHL’s state of the art facilities in the new Lausanne campus. You graduate with solid managerial skills and leadership aptitudes for talent management, service business design, and innovation. Plus, you join EHL’s powerful network of 30,000 alumni in 150 countries.