Master Keys - Hotel Management

Master Keys - Hotel Management

Greendale School of TourismGeneva, Switzerland


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The Lodging and Food Service Industry This module provides basic knowledge of the lodging and food service industry and has been specifically developed for those who do not have vast experience in the lodging business. Students get acquainted with the hospitality history, different types of tourism, structure, organization and service in this area. The course covers two areas: lodging and food service. Management of Food and Beverage Operations During this module studying students obtain fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for organization, planning and control of food and beverage operations; they learn how to manage the food preparation and guests service processes, make marketing analysis of the services provided by a hotel. Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System Food safety has very high standards to maintain nowadays, therefore it is extremely important to manage all food production, storage and issuing processes skillfully. The method of food safety based on hazard analysis and critical control points is taught in the module program in the format convenient for students. Student study each production stage very carefully: from menu planning, products purchasing, food preparation to service and cleaning; they identify specific risks, and learn how to use control methods for their prevention. Managing Housekeeping Operations Not only luxurious interiors create coziness and comfort in a hotel, but so does the operating personnel. The hotel’s atmosphere, clients feedback and, therefore, revenue depend on the Housekeeping operations. During the course studies students learn all details of successful housekeeping operation: from the correct way of recruiting and maintaining qualified personnel, planning and organization to technical details of cleaning various hotel areas. Practical tips from specialists will help use the knowledge in real live easily. Managing Front Office Operations The first impression of a hotel depends on how professionally the front office staff works. Thanks to this module students are able to understand the front office role, its relation to other services and meaning of the overall hotel operation. The module parts also incorporate revenue management and computer technologies used in the Front office operations. Practical research and global practice studies are great addition to the module. Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry The modern level of hospitality industry development involves using various technical innovations. The newest computer technologies help make the managing system more effective, expand clients base, solve marketing tasks. Description of computer technologies in all functional areas of a hotel including booking, rooms, food and beverage, sales, accounting, basic purchases technical services and modern information systems management, system safety issues are covered in the course. Marketing in the Hospitality Industry Specialists working in the hospitality industry first of all should be client oriented. Understanding clients, learning their wishes and needs are the main goal of marketing. The course content presents practical introduction into marketing in the tourism and hospitality industry. Main areas of marketing are covered in the module program: clients wishes and needs identification, creation products and services satisfying these needs, products and services promotion as well sales for the company’s revenue increase. Managing Hospitality Human Resources Special attention in the hospitality industry is paid to Human Resources management. The company’s success rely on how much is invested in employees and how managers use the human potential. This module covers Human Resources management strategy as a special management area, students review modern approaches to Human Resources management, personnel recruitment specifics, employees motivation systems, learn labor law requirements, obtain effective leadership skills. Supervision in the Hospitality Industry Any supervision activity, starting with accepting new service standards ending with innovation projects implementation, affect staff job and task performance. The course covers effective supervision and managerial skills required in the hospitality industry, as well as staffing, personnel selection and training, job performance increase, conflict management and various methods of time management. International Hotels: Development and Management This module helps get a thorough look at the international hospitality industry, its development and management. Students learn about its nowadays trends, international policy in the travel and tourism area and factors affecting the hospitality industry in general. Hospitality Facilities Management and Design Thanks to this module, students are able to solve problems of design and maintenance (including basic technical systems, food preparation equipment and facilities design) in the hospitality industry. Costs saving and efficiency improving technologies, newest computer technologies that simplify operations in the hospitality industry are covered in this course as well. Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting This module is a comprehensive introductory course into financial accounting in the hospitality industry. Students learn about accounting department role in a hotel operation, obtain knowledge of accounting functions, forms and principles, get acquainted with full accounting cycle and different report types.