Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort & Wellness Management

Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort & Wellness Management

Swiss Hotel Management School
Montreux, Switzerland


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Course overview

Study on campus or choose the online pathway This vocational, hands-on Master’s programme will prepare you to design and run your own food & beverage, events, or wellness business. Develop your entrepreneurial mindset through academic modules, and put your knowledge straight to use in our unique, real-life learning outlets (spa, resort or restaurant).

What you will learn

What you will learn
Online delivery (9 modules, each module takes 6 weeks, self-paced study) -Academic Foundation & Integrity (1 week, self-paced, no tutor interaction) Focuses on the preparation of the online learning journey of our students, considering key success factors for self-directed learning. Students will get familiar with the study modus as well as the necessary rigor of academic studies. By interacting and engaging with selected topics around contemporary hospitality, students will develop academic writing and referencing skills, as well as engage and practice critical thinking, essential to level 7 studies. -Resort Management The so-called “giants” in the hospitality industry are trailblazers, operating within a multi-business unit eco-system. What does it take to streamline the logistics of lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, retail, and transportation into a seamless experience for customers of every age and provenance? Provides answers and prepares students to become valuable assets for the business model of tomorrow. -Financial Decision Making Students are presented with real life options a manager faces when operating a hotel, and through a management simulation, the process of decision-making is practiced and analysed using simulation software. Outlines link between decision taking and the effect on the three main financial statements: profit and loss; cash flow statement; and balance sheet. -AI & Technology Driven Innovation Critically identify innovative key drivers of customer experience with the help of AI, augmented reality, and other technologies, to stay ahead of ever emerging disruptive business models and microservices. Digital transformation of our environment and customer expectations within the hospitality sphere are continually shifting, making it key to adopt and integrate technologies to enhance the customer journey through innovative value propositions. -Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy Explores how marketing has evolved within the digital age, and its strategic role within global competitive business environments. Understand what it means to formulate value propositions, create promotions, and advertise through channels that reach intended target market. Builds knowledge of how to operate websites and social media to gain insights into customers’ needs, plus generate revenue, save costs, and energise customers. -Consumer Intelligence & Value Creation What do consumers want and how much are they willing to pay? Who is buying and how do we position our brand? Outlines the scientific methods that enable finding the correct answers for organisations. Classic business theory models are utilised, and students will explore the relationship between value creation and brand positioning to attract the correct target audience. -Global Hospitality Trends A direct link exists between the forces driving change – the trends – and the organisational strategy. Outlines forecasting methods that allow a business to capture market share and gain a competitive advantage. Critical thinking is applied to adjust the organisational strategy to the forces, formulate action plans, and capitalise on emerging trends in the restaurant, and food and beverage market. -Managing Generational & Cultural Diversity Understanding millennials and generation Z has become one of the priorities of business leaders. In addition, increasing level of globalisation, particularly within the global hospitality industry workforce, raises issues on how to manage a culturally diverse workforce. Provides future hospitality leader with theories on cultural differences and strategies for managing cultural and generational diversity. -Interpersonal and Managerial Sustainability Development Learn how to respond to hospitality industry needs for better business practices, considering population growth, climate change, quality of life, and industrial revolutions. Challenges current business practices and procedures on- and off site. Sustainability strategies from a variety of hospitality enterprises will be analysed. Assesses business ethics, personal responsibility, sustainable behaviour and individual moral governance. -Strategies for Leadership To become an effective manager, one who plans, organises, checks for results, and takes action for continuous improvement, it is important to think consciously about the leadership style that makes high performance happen in a team. Outlines how good leaders display emotional intelligence and try to create a psychological safe environment for the team. Onsite delivery (3 weeks) -Resort, Restaurant & Spa Operations (concept labs) The campus’s unique learning outlets provide students with the opportunity for practical experience. Outlet managers give students relevant input and rich feedback. The concept labs are where students blossom in a real-life environment, bring their strengths to the forefront, and practice leadership and a wide range of other skills, for which they will be noticed by future employers. -Business Design for Hotels, Resorts & Wellness Many Master students plan to open their own business, and this capstone module enables them to create a comprehensive and detailed business plan. A successful start-up is one that survives within the market environment into which it is introduced. Teaches the rigorous fact finding and analysis processes which serve to evaluate if a business idea is viable or not. Wine, Beer, Cheese & Chocolate Workshop + Excursion Independant Integrated Business Project (4-6 months) Provides a unique opportunity to gain work experience in the context of a recognised name brand, with positions available to SHMS students on a preferential basis. Students will work on an integrated business project by actively engaging with the organisation. Enables students to illustrate that they can analyse complex data from a variety of sources to produce recommendations for management.

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Who is the course for?

Starting October 2020, you can also choose to study online at your own pace! The online pathway is ideal for busy professionals who want to take their career to the next level. After you complete the initial one-week module which lay the foundation for distance learning, you are offered nine online modules with tutor support, followed by three weeks on campus in Leysin where you can benefit from situational learning in our concept labs. Both the onsite and online pathways conclude with an independent integrated business project conducted during a work placement with one of our industry partners.