Master’s in Hospitality Business Management (MADEH)

Master’s in Hospitality Business Management (MADEH)

Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla
Seville, Spain


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Course overview

ESHS maintains a close cooperative relationship with University Pablo Olavide, one of the pioneers among the Spanish universities in the fields of investigation and technological development, with the common goal of bettering the professional qualification of the university students and professionals of the hospitality sector. That is why from ESHS and UPO we carry out the execution of postgraduate programs (Master and University extension) in management and direction of hospitality companies as well as programs of specialized training in collective management. These studies promote the investigation and innovation of the tourism and hospitality sector, especially in those areas of interest for the sector such as expansion and strategic development, nutrition, cuisine, or new gastronomic trends. This program will allow the students to develop skills already acquired in other fields, complement them with new abilities and lead them to their practical application in the touristic fields everywhere in the world. It will also promote their business designing skills which will allow them to innovate, investigate, solve problems, and develop new products and services. These internships with partner companies will allow the students to strengthen their skills easing their introduction to the working world.

What you will learn

General competences: • That the students can apply the acquired knowledge and their ability to solve the sectorial context problems of reference. • That students are able to integrate knowledge and develop value judgments from complete or limited information, including reflections on their corporate, social and ethical responsibility. • That the student is able to create and develop their own company. • That the student be able to develop leadership and relationship skills with the human resources for which they can become liable for. • That the students know how to communicate their conclusions and defend their arguments to different audiences, specialized or not. • For students to develop learning and feedback skills. • That the student is aware of the fundamental rights and equality between men and women, non-discriminatory between people, and respect them. • That the student is aware of a culture of peace and democratic values. • That the student is aware of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in their professional development. Specific competences: • Develop and apply strategic solutions that respond to the challenges of the restaurant and hotel management sectors in today's environment. • Design service offerings for catering and hotel management in its various forms. • Implement these measures through a prism of socially responsible activity.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is it directed to? University graduates in cuisine, hospitality, nutrition or tourism University graduates in any area Credited technicians and people with professional experience in sector-related companies.