Course overview

As a team leader, leveraging each team member to his/her full potential requires cultivating a climate of trust, strong collaboration and mutual respect with and amongst individuals. Such team leadership skills not only build strong teams, but strengthen the overall organizational capacity.

What you will learn

Distinguish the key success factors to build and sustain performing teams Assess individual differences and roles contributing to performing teams Develop essential leadership qualities to lead performing teams Develop management skills to avoid and/or resolve team conflict

Course details

Who is the course for?

Week 1 Creating highly effective teams Building an effective team Using team reflexivity (i.e. task and social reflexivity) Components and key success factors of team effectiveness Week 2 Developing team leadership capabilities Tasks of team leaders Skills of team leaders Avoiding leadership pitfalls Types of team leadership Team leadership development Week 3 Developing creativity and becoming a good team player Qualities of a good team player Team collaboration Team decision-making & avoiding group cognitive biases Creating a climate of psychological safety Supporting team creativity & creative problem-solving Week 4 Team conflict resolution Role of emotional, informational and practical support Types of conflicts Conflict resolution and mediation techniques Week 5 Final assessment