Course overview

This course has been developed in consultation with industry and offers a fascinating insight into the continuously changing arena of digital hospitality and travel services. Finding the connections between leadership and digital disruption is not easy and involves a radical transformation of organisations in the sector. These three key themes - leadership, digital disruption, and transformation - are the foundation of this course. Addressing the talent needs of the future, the course has been designed to equip a new generation of leaders with the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills that will enable them exploit disruptive technologies, develop innovative digital travel services and drive their organization’s digital transformation for operational efficiencies and enhanced customer value. As well as providing insight into the transformative potential of technologies such as Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics and the Internet of Things in hospitality and travel.

What you will learn

The MSc Digital Hospitality and Travel Leadership focuses on the exploitation of digital transformations to improve business and customer services, a key feature of management positions within the hospitality and travel sectors. Although there are some elements of IT within the course, this is not a course about developing computer programmes and mobile apps. Through the programme you will be able to assess how technology is helping organisations look at the way they interact with both their internal and external stakeholders as well as adapt to changes in the micro and macro environment. You will develop a broad and in-depth understanding of the evolving field of travel and hospitality technology. Enhancing your ability to analyse business and organisational strategy for planning and implementing new technologies for the purpose of the traveller and guest experience. You will develop plans to overcome the challenges of integration of digital tools and systems in its business culture and processes. The course will also enable you to devise techniques for attracting and retaining talent that is fluent in using digital tools and analytical strategies. You will learn the importance of data management, analysis and practice the methods employed in industry to resolve a variety of challenges and problems in the hospitality and travel sectors; whilst exploring the leadership skills and traits required to facilitate an entrepreneurial environment, in today’s ever-changing work environment, where businesses operate in an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Through the programme we aim to enhance your mindset to become more agile in the ways you innovate and manage your businesses in the digital hospitality and travel ecosystem. The course is supported by industry and guest lecturers from industry will be a feature of this programme, bringing to life the key aspects of the course.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at Hospitality and Tourism management graduates and those working in the industry to enable them to capitalise on the digitalisation of the hospitality and travel industry, which has expanded at an exponential rate this unique and dynamic new programme offers you the opportunity to leverage cutting edge technology that will effectively transform business modules within the sector.