Course overview

Traditional confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, new preparation techniques, decoration, presentations, and the care for taste and aesthetics are the foundations of the training of a pastry chef. In addition to elaborating and presenting pastries of all kinds, the student will learn how to manage the production and composition operations and to integrate in the patisserie area in the bakery or restaurant.

What you will learn

The traditional confectionery, the chocolate, the ice creams, the new techniques of elaboration, the decoration, the presentations, and the care of the flavor and the aesthetics in the elaborations, are fundamental in the formation of the pastry chef. In addition to preparing and presenting pastry and confectionery products, the student will learn to conduct production and composition operations, and to integrate into the pastry area in the workshop or restaurant.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? Pastry enthusiasts People with the intention of developing a career on the field of hospitality, with special interest in the area of patisserie and confectionery Over 23 years, with or without experience in the specialty. It is advisable to be in possession of the Certificate of Completion of ESO (ESP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK), or equivalent; or to have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles.