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Start using data to drive better, fact-based, people-decisions that ultimately benefit both the organization and its employees. As a People Analytics Specialist, you have a full analytics skillset that will enable you to drive data-driven decision-making throughout HR. Advance your career by expanding your skill set with in-demand HR skills. The People Analytics Certificate Program enables you to develop the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to start heading People Analytics related projects. Data-driven business Impact Learn from dozens of real-life examples and in-depth examples to determine how to best create business value through data analytics at your organization. Analytics implementation Develop a detailed plan for implementing data-driven HR practices and embedding a culture of data-driven HR throughout the organization with the final ‘leading change’ assignment. Basic Statistics Master core statistical concepts and analyses needed to analyze and interpret any data-driven insights, and learn how to perform them in R or SPSS Self-service dashboards Import, clean, and analyze data to easily build self-service dashboards using Microsoft Excel and PowerBI. HR Metrics Design and implement HR metrics that help you determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and the HR department itself. Program structure 6 MODULES HR Analytics Leader The HR Analytics Leader modules focus on the strategic side of people analytics by teaching you how to use insights from data to guide business leaders in the decision-making process. You will learn how to set up an analytics function, develop business cases, manage stakeholders and head the implementation of data-driven HR practices throughout your organization. 4 MODULES Statistics in HR The Statistics modules are the foundation for the practical analysis side of people analytics. In order to properly interpret data insights and provide meaningful recommendations, you will need to comprehend some core statistical concepts like significance and probability. Optionally, you can use the tutorials in this courses to perform some statistical analyses yourself using R or SPSS. 7 MODULES HR Data Analyst The Data Analyst modules will help you gain hands-on experience in analyzing data and creating dashboards for key decision-makers. The modules are specifically designed for people with little or no experience in analyzing data. You will start by analyzing data in Microsoft Excel and finish these modules by building your a custom HR dashboard in PowerBI. 1 MODULES Capstone Project With the capstone project, you will apply your learnings by completing a full people analytics project cycle. You will complete the steps of creating a business case by defining a specific business problem, data selection, data cleaning, data analysis, and interpretation & reporting