Course overview

Delivering high-impact, compelling presentations can take your career to the next level. In Powerful Presentations, two professional speakers break down how to structure, design, and deliver incredible presentations. From beating ‘stage fright’ to tackling technology issues, you’ll learn how to become a stronger speaker, whether you’re in the classroom, board room or a conference stage.

What you will learn

What you will learn
You will learn how to structure, design, and deliver presentations and how to become a stronger speaker. Whether you are a seasoned speaker/educator or a newcomer to the art of communication, you can learn and improve your act by taking this course and by following its down-to-earth advice. Skills -Obtain a general understanding of speaking and presentation skills and how they contribute to the success of every business -Understand how to structure, design, and deliver powerful presentations -Acquire skills and tools in order to become a stronger speaker -Be able to deliver the intended message to the specific target audience The course will help you in becoming a stronger speaker and presenter, whether in business life or in higher education. Do not waste a minute – start your new presenter career today!

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Course material: 30 tutorial videos, over 3 hours of video material, coursebook to study, 6 quizzes, additional academic reading Course outline Module 1. Introduction Module 2. The Presenter and the Audience Module 3. Presentation Types and Structures Module 4. Developing Your Content Module 5. Secrets on Stage Module 6. Conclusion