What you will learn

The free online Pre-Commis Chef training program is for you if you want to become a professional cook or start your training to become a chef. By following our basic training program and working through the lessons at your own pace, you could be ready for your first job. It is as easy as reading the lessons, watching the online training videos and/or reading the transcripts and testing your knowledge as you progress through the course, then successfully passing the final assessment. Struggle to access reliable internet connectivity? You can download the full course via the mobile app where you can access all the training resources and test your knowledge before you take the online final assessment to receive your certificate. WORLDCHEFS is proud to present WORLDCHEFS Academy, an online portal and mobile app created to give you the opportunity to learn the culinary basics to start a career in a professional kitchen. Whether you would like to learn through the web-based platform or via the mobile app which offers an offline study mode, you’ll be able to complete the Pre-Commis Chef program and be well prepared for your first job.