Price and Inventory Controls

Price and Inventory Controls

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Technology- and Internet-savvy consumer behaviors have fundamentally changed the way in which revenue is managed. This online course encourages those schooled or experienced in traditional revenue management to elevate and fine-tune their approach to price manipulation, length of stay, and demand and availability control. This curriculum will prepare students to succeed in this new, highly competitive hospitality landscape. Estimate the marginal value of capacity Increase revenue through price, length of stay, demand, and availability controls Make pricing decisions based on calculations of uncertainty Increase your use of multiple resource controls, including rate and length of stay in your overall revenue management strategy You'll investigate individual cases and strategies used by the world's top airlines, casinos, hotels and car rental businesses. Learn how these top companies optimize their price setting and inventory control measures to generate maximum profit and minimize systematic inefficiencies. Whether you're preparing to create a proprietary revenue management system or use a commercially available revenue management system, the principles and techniques learned in this course will serve as a foundation.