Course overview

The integration of operational and technical elements of patisserie and confectionery together with the theoretical knowledge will serve as a pillar for the development of this professional activity (Menu design and creation, pastry gastronomical sales, use of products and tools, etc.) the theoretical training is complemented with a period of professional internships in a real context, in the workshop-room of patisserie and confectionery and in the school’s restaurant. Duration: 240 hours (48 hours theoretical + 192 practical) Content: BLOQUE 1. INTRODUCTION: Food manipulation and handling, Occupational Risk Prevention in the kitchen. Kitchen organization, machinery, and tools. BLOQUE 2. PATISSERIE BASES BLOQUE 3. BASIC PRODUCTS OF BAKING AND PASTRIES BLOQUE 4. PASTRY TECHNOLOGY I. DOUGHS, CREAMS AND FILLERS BLOQUE 5. PASTRY TECHNOLOGY II. SPECIAL BAKING AND PASTRY PREPARATIONS BLOQUE 6. FOOD TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD SAFTEY BLOQUE 7. CREATION AND PRESENTATION OF DESSERTS AND PASTRY PRODUCTS BLOQUE 8. DECORATION Y PRESENTATION

What you will learn

• The operation of a professional pastry workshop or restaurant • Make desserts and pastry products for the menu of a restaurant or pastry workshop, managing costs • Make dessert presentations and decorations • Design and create offers of pastry product • The latest pastry and confectionery techniques: gelling, working with sugar, the velvet finish, mirror technique or semifreddo • Use pastry utensils to achieve a wide range of combinations and textures of flavors and colors • Working with special pastry products

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? Amateurs with a passion for pastry and gastronomy. Previous experience is not required