Course overview

Today, gastronomy is a sector with wide and varied professional opportunities, and the profession of chef has achieved great social recognition. A good chef must know from the base the kitchen management techniques, the instruments to be used, the treatment of raw materials, and the traditional and most innovative culinary preparations, to successfully achieve his incorporation into this sector as a professional.. With this objective, this course of preparation for PROFESSIONAL CUISINE IN RESTAURANTS takes place in a practical and real environment, in the School's own restaurant, combining theoretical training with practical preparation, which will allow the student to develop practical skills in the kitchen or expand their culinary knowledge and improve their techniques. Duration: 240 hours (60 hours theoretical + 180 practical) Content: BLOQUE 1. INTRODUCTION: Food manipulation and handling, Occupational Risk Prevention in the kitchen. Kitchen organization, machinery, and tools. BLOQUE 2. KITCHEN BASES BLOQUE 3. BASIC PRODUCTS OF THE KITCHEN BLOQUE 4. KITCHEN TECHNOLOGY. GOURMET PRODUCTS AND PREPARATIONS BLOQUE 5. FOOD TECHNOLOGY BLOQUE 6. CREATION AND PRESENTATION OF DISHES

What you will learn

• The operation of a modern kitchen. • To prepare dishes for the menu and the menu of a restaurant • To make presentations and decorations of dishes • Design and create menus, individual dishes, as well as manage catering and collectivities • The latest cooking techniques such as vacuum packing, spherification or deconstruction. • Prepare recipes and technical specification sheets of dishes, calculating costs and benefits • Basic baking and patisserie

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? Amateurs with a passion for cuisine and gastronomy. Previous experience is not required