Course overview

This course examines the major aspects of cruise operations and management including history, global cruise market, economic significance, geography of cruising, itinerary design, anatomy of a cruise ship, operations, sales and marketing procedures, passenger services, event planning and management as well as outlining career opportunities for the students in the cruise industry.

What you will learn

This course aims to describe the history of the cruise industry, geography and vessels as well as describing and explaining the economic significance of the global cruise industry and the cruise sales and marketing process i.e. travel agent vs. direct booking. The course will further compare the various distribution channels cruise lines use to market their products and describe operations management on board a cruise ship, involving its major functions, processes and procedures. Moreover, the course will explain the importance of staff training for cruise operations and maritime law as well as the needs for customer services and security on board a cruise ship. Finally, students will apply the knowledge learned in this course to design a cruise experience.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is for students who have obtained knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a professional profile which meets the demands of the cruise lines