Course overview

The school offers this innovative course of specialized training in restaurant services which will allow the student to know the reality of the catering sector in a theoretical-practical environment, easing their access to the working world with guarantees of success. This course contemplates a practical program based on the “Know How”, with more than 700 hours of curricular practical training in the school and 3 months of internships in national and international hospitality companies. The subjects imparted are focused on the study of vital matter for the appropriate restaurant service: customer service, sale, wines service, food and wine pairing, cocktail, banqueting, as well as the knowledge of food and raw materials, and their nutritional aspects, food security and the understanding of the most innovative service techniques.

What you will learn

The catering sector increasingly needs qualified professionals who are able to offer maximum customer service with knowledge of room service, sales, wine service, food and wine pairings, cocktails, banqueting, etc. All these subjects are fundamental disciplines in the training of catering professionals and aim to prepare the student to carry out the activities carried out in the provision of food and drink services in any field.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? People with passion for the restaurant service People in love with the world of wines, cocktail, and events Over 23 years, with or without experience in the specialty. It is advisable to be in possession of the Certificate of Completion of ESO (ESP), General Certificate of Secondary Education (UK), or equivalent; or to have passed the entrance exam to intermediate level training cycles.