Search Engines and Online Selling: Stimulating Incremental Demand

Search Engines and Online Selling: Stimulating Incremental Demand

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Today's consumers rely less upon traditional travel agents and more on web-based research when booking travel. In this online course you'll learn to develop online strategies designed to improve your standing in Internet search results, called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and increase your visibility to target customers. Employ search engine marketing techniques through paid and organic search optimization techniques Recognize the role and opportunities of online travel agencies in demand stimulation and management Stay current and ahead of the competition with the newest, most effective ways to sell online Learn how to optimize your position on Internet search results and increase conversions: the moment when a search becomes a purchase. Online travel agencies are especially popular because they provide one-stop convenience and notifications for consumers searching for deals and promotional opportunities. The success of online travel agency is largely attributable to their marriage of leading-edge technology and a keen insight into consumer behavior patterns.