Success Metrics for Hospitality Digital Marketing

Success Metrics for Hospitality Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is fast becoming the primary means for hospitality and related service firms to reach, engage, and transact with consumers across their multiple devices. Consumer planning, shopping, experience, and sharing through digital media is quickly changing how marketing is done, as well as how marketing effectiveness is measured. Owners and managers must be able to make effective, data-driven, analytical, and integrated decisions related to digital marketing using the right metrics and reports. These decision support tools may be generated internally and/or by vendors, like digital or social media marketing agencies. Managers must be able to understand, evaluate, and communicate recommendations in line with the firm's overall business and marketing strategies. This course provides managers with the insight and tools to do the job. This course provides managers with the insight and tools to do the job. Assess the role of marketing in your organization Identify how your organization can best counter the challenges associated with marketing for services Discover how to make pricing more variable Know how to react to customers' perceptions of fairness regarding pricing policies Understand how online travel agents provide value for consumers and suppliers alike Use search engine marketing effectively Create a promotional plan for a hospitality product or service Design your own effective, product-specific advertising campaign Maintain and enhance customer value Organize your firm for long-term competitiveness Develop a strategic marketing plan that aligns with and achieves your digital marketing goals In this course, you will make marketing and service enhancement decisions based on the interpretation and the integration of digital media performance metrics. Through this analysis, you will evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing activities using standard and new performance metrics. You will use digital media reports and available analytic tools to assess the competitive position of a business and articulate recommendations to improve performance. It is recommended to only take this course if you have completed Marketing the Hospitality Brand Through Digital Media and Implementing Brand Strategy Through Digital Media or have equivalent experience.