Course overview

The pedagogical criteria with which the superior diploma training programs are developed favor the personal and professional development of the students, promote teamwork, and initiative. It prepares them for research in matters related to gastronomy and catering, while adapting to the real needs of companies in the hospitality sector. The theoretical-practical training is complemented with professional internships in national and international restaurants and other hospitality establishments which will ease the student’s access to the professional cuisine world with guarantees of success.

What you will learn

This training will allow the student to get to know the world of professional cuisine through the knowledge of food and the technology applied to it, learning the conservation techniques, manipulation and elaboration, nutritional aspects and quality and food security control, learning about different cuisines all over the world and other complementary gastronomic products. But the students will also learn about aspects related to restaurant management and investigation and innovation for the development of new products with the aim of training the future chefs in a comprehensive way.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Who is this course for? Enthusiast with a vocation for Cooking and Gastronomy People with concerns for the world of nutrition, food health, and gastronomic research Students who have completed 4th of ESO (ESP), Grade 10 (US), Year 11 (UK), or equivalent, without previous experience.