Strategic Talent Acquisition Certificate Program

Strategic Talent Acquisition Certificate Program

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Attracting the right talent to the right positions is one of today’s top challenges for companies. With rapid advancements in technology and the ongoing war-for-talent, today's recruiters need to have a completely new skill set. Through this certification program, you will develop the comprehensive skill set that you need to become a successful recruiter in the digital era and create end-to-end candidate-centric recruitment funnels. Advance your career by becoming a data-driven Talent Acquisition Specialist. This certification training teaches you the skills to think strategically about talent acquisition, build an influential employer brand, create seamless candidate experiences and make data-driven decisions to continuously optimize the recruitment process. Talent acquisition strategy Define and optimize a corporate recruitment strategy that will help you win the war for talent! Building an employer brand Establish an employer value proposition and build an influential employer brand. Optimize candidate experiences Put your candidates at the heart of the recruitment process by creating a seamless candidate experience. Smart recruitment policies Align all stakeholder in the recruitment funnel by defining effective and clear recruiting policies. Data-driven recruitment funnels Leverage data and analytics to make smarter recruitment decisions and continuously optimize your funnel. Program structure 6 MODULES Hiring & Recruitment Strategy The ability to consistently recruit A-players is key to the company's long-term success in the marketplace. In these modules, you will learn to create a comprehensive recruitment strategy based on business needs, the organizational strategy, input from key stakeholders, labor market development, and strategic workforce planning. By combining such strategy with smarter recruitment policies and employer marketing, your organization will be able to consistently recruit the most talented A-players. 2 MODULES Design Thinking Gain a much-needed advantage by turning knowledge about your candidates into actionable insights on how to better attract talent and optimize your recruitment funnel. Design thinking helps to implement a strategy and policies that tailor to all your stakeholders in the organizational and recruiting process. 2 MODULES Employee Experience Recruitment has always been about people and, in the digital era, this is more important than ever. Employee experience puts the (future) employees at the front and center. A candidate-centric approach helps in creating a strong employer brand and in making candidates promoters of your brand. 2 MODULES Employer Branding A strong and influential employer brand can have a significant positive effect on how potential candidates naturally gravitate towards your vacancies. These modules provide you with the skills to bring your employer marketing to the next level. You will learn about creating an employer branding strategy, defining your employer value proposition, leveraging tools that you can use to create a stronger employer brand, PR and paid media, and more. 5 MODULES Recruitment Analytics Learn the foundations of business analytics, and how data can be leveraged to significantly improve the recruiting process. You will learn key recruitment metrics, how to translate recruitment data into dashboards and develop data-literacy so that you can make decisions based on all this information. 1 MODULES Capstone Project With the capstone project, you will apply your learnings to complete a series of assignments and create practical deliverables that you can apply in your job. The project involves the creation of a recruitment strategy, creating an employer branding strategy, and solving a recruitment case study.