The Basics of Food Venture Formation + Financing

The Basics of Food Venture Formation + Financing

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You know the statistics—20% of new businesses will fail in the first year. A poor understanding of the legal and financial requirements can doom even the best-intentioned start up. This short-form course will cover five practical steps for new and emerging entrepreneurs who want to start a sustainable and scalable food business. Grounded by real-world examples of the challenges faced by food business leaders, this course will help you ask the questions you need to consider in the planning phase. You will identify the stakeholders and examine funding options. You will explore what you need to know to start the right business—and you will make your plan for an effective exit. Participants will learn from an expert in the field and will work through a series of targeted activities. You'll have the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with one another, with support from a course navigator whose expertise is in mentoring start-ups at all levels of engagement. Click on "Watch Video" below to hear more about the course from lead faculty, Don Buder.