The Building Blocks of Brand Development

The Building Blocks of Brand Development

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In today’s competitive marketplace, a clearly defined brand is critical to your ability to attract and retain the consumers, customers, and guests you need to succeed. This short-form course will help to set a foundation for purposeful growth. You will develop a thoughtful brand approach—exploring what branding is and what it isn’t. You will identify the DNA / soul of your brand while you explore how best to test and live it. You will gain an understanding of how to harness consumer insights—and you will activate your brand in order to deliver its promise. Participants will learn from an expert in the field and will work through a series of targeted activities. You'll have the opportunity to learn from and share ideas with one another, with support from a course navigator whose expertise is in mentoring start-ups at all levels of engagement. Click on "Watch Video" below to hear more about the course from lead faculty, Steven Goldstein.