Course overview

Understand the role of customer experiences in the luxury industry and what luxury experiences may look like in the future.

What you will learn

Explore the evolution of the luxury industry through time. Though ‘luxury’ is an established topic, the industry is very much alive and constantly evolving, with changing definitions through time, cultures, and industry. On this three-week course, you’ll investigate the origins and heritage of the luxury industry before examining the evolution of customer experience (CX), as well as developments for the future. This course will help you gain a practical insight into how companies offer contemporary experiences that foster the relationship between brands and their loyal customers.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Understand cultural perspectives on the luxury experience As you delve into the luxury industry, you’ll explore how perspectives on luxury change across cultures and industries. This will give you a global view of luxury and help you understand the importance of culture and points of view in the luxury industry. Delve into the customer journey and CX Customers are central to any business. On the course, you’ll break down the customer journey, and explore the importance of understanding the customer’s point of view. This will help you investigate the relationship between the customer and luxury brands in co-creating the luxury experience. You’ll focus on the customer experience (CX) within the luxury industry and explore the companies that are doing CX right. Within this, you’ll understand how personalising customer service is key to luxury. Look to the future of customer experience with Glion With your understanding of the past and present of the luxury industry, you’ll look to the future and the changing face of the luxury experience. With expert insights from the Glion Institute of Higher Education, you’ll explore the pillars of outstanding customers relationships and how technology and data will affect the future of the workforce and training.