Course overview

Take a three-hour voyage into the intriguing world of tiki, learning exotic cocktail recipes, surprising techniques and the art of tiki garnishing.

What you will learn

Discover lesser-known cocktail recipes, creative techniques and hear all about the intriguing origins of tiki culture from our experienced, tiki-loving instructor. The course includes: - 3 hours of video - 18 advanced bartending lessons - 16 expert-level cocktail recipes - Official EBS certificate Here's what you'll learn... - Master the Sugar-refining process - learn how to turn cane sugar into molasses and other ingredients that we’ll later use to create syrups. - Create Homemade syrups - Discover how to make a range of simple & complex syrups, using different ingredients to achieve specific flavours. - Learn Ancient & Modern techniques - You’ll cover techniques old & new, from macerating overproof rums and extracting oils from nuts to mixing flavours using the ‘flash blend’ technique. - Craft Iconic Garnishes - When it comes to garnishing a tiki cocktail, more is definitely more. Learn about the most iconic tiki garnishes, and how to execute them using crafty techniques. - Immerse yourself in Tiki culture - Travel through 40 years of tiki culture and watch its evolution. You’ll even get to pay virtual visits to the most famous bars and masterminds in tiki history. - Meet Don Beach and Trader Vic - Meet the two biggest names in tiki history, learn about their voyage through uncharted territory and discover what inspired their most famous cocktails.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for all experience levels. So all you’ll need is a bit of curiosity and a keen interest in tiki!