Course overview

A Tourism and Leisure graduate has the ability to collect, select and interpret relevant knowledge, particularly in the area of tourism, in order to discover the solutions they advocate and the judgements they issue, including through the analysis of relevant social, scientific and ethical aspects. A professional in this area also has the skills to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions.

What you will learn

The various sectors of activity in the tourism industry need tourism and leisure graduates who are directly or indirectly linked to travel, tourism and leisure, with particular relevance to the following: - Tour operators and travel agencies; - Accommodation; - Catering; - Entertainment and leisure parks (theme parks); - Transport companies - Car Rental Companies; - Central, regional and local state bodies linked to tourism; - Events organisation and management companies; - Education and research; - vocational training - Creation of tourism services businesses (self-employment).

Course details

Who is the course for?

The cycle of studies that leads to the degree in Tourism and Leisure has 180 credit units (ECTS) and a curricular duration of 3 years (6 semesters).