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The Tourism Degree of University School Mediterrani is one of the formations with more opportunities in a leading city in the tourism sector such as Barcelona. If you are interested in acquiring management skills for positions in the tertiary sector companies anywhere in the world, enrol in Tourism Degree.

What you will learn

The labor market in this sector is among the few that has continued to offer opportunities in recent years and received positive feedback in terms of growth. The latest data from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism show that tourism in Spain is at its best, both in number of international arrivals, and inner movement. In 2016, the autonomous region has received more international tourists was Catalonia. In addition, it is expected further improve these figures in the coming years. If you are interested in tourism, hotel and restaurant projects and want to receive training that enables you aspire to the best jobs in the sector with a language preparation that will open the doors to the international market, without forgetting the new technologies of the internet (you will enjoy a portable Apple gift and habitual use in the classrooms) make your enrollment in the Degree of Tourism College Mediterrani. ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING TOURISM MacBook Air for use in classes. Preparation and exam of the official English title First Certificate, Advanced o Proficiency in the university. Preparation and exam of the official French DFP de la CCI Paris, at the university.dfp Centre de Préparation Preparation and examination of the official German title of the Goethe Institut at the university. You will have free access to the platform of access to job offers in tourism the most important in the world, HOSCO. Free official title of the AMADEUS reservation program. Extensive program of personalized Tutorials, coaching sessions and reinforcement classes thanks to the manifestly effective Action Plan Tutorial of EU Mediterrani. Collaboration with companies in Barcelona’s most important tourism sector to offer our students more than 1000 jobs and 1200 internship offers. Opportunity to study up to 6 languages within the tourist career. 10 storey building fully equipped and updated. 30 years of experience in training and 3 quality certifications (IQNet, AENOR, AQU). Central location and good public transport. See Map At the end of the Tourism Degree at our university you get: Official Title Graduate in Tourism from the Unversity of Girona.

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Who is the course for?

ADMISION ROUTES TO THE TOURISM DEGREE They may enroll in the Tourism Degree Mediterrani EU if you meet any of the following requirements: Entrance exams to college (PAU) – Selectivity. Training courses superior grade (CFGS y FPII)or equivalent qualifications. Entrance exams to college for over 25 years. Entrance exams to college for over 45 years You have completed other studies with official degree, degree, diploma or equivalent