Course overview

Getting your value proposition and unique selling point right is the leading differentiator between success and failure. What is value and what does it mean to you and your guests? What do you think value means to most people? What does it mean to you? Is it the same for everyone? Is value only related to money? In this course we will discuss some of the various aspects of what consumers , especially for restaurants and bars, consider value and why it is so important to have a solid Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point (USP). Subject Matter Expert is Martin Jones, a visionary hospitality leader with 35 years of international general management expertise. Martin hads had leadership roles at Starwood and Accor and today lends his expertise as a Founder of MBJ Consultants.

What you will learn

By completing the course, you will get a clearer and fuller understanding of not only what value can mean, but also how differently it can be perceived. We will look at Value Creation, from planning your spaces and experiences to examining moments of thruth. We will look at trends and how to incorportate them into your offers. We will look into data and how to use it to adjust your business. Finally, our SME will take you from concept to action, showing you how to deliver value, get your team involved and how to create and maintain standards.

Course details

Who is the course for?

This course will benefit anyone working in the Food and Beverage industry, independent or as part of a hotel or chain, or hospitality professionals who which to get a better allround understanding of the F&B business.