Customer Experience Design: 1.Differentiation strategies for brand positioning

Customer Experience Design: 1.Differentiation strategies for brand positioning

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Course overview

This program explores why ultra-personalized services are the key to customer engagement, and customer value creation is the most important and crucial part of every business.

What you will learn

• To move away from current industry stagnated strategies and embracing innovation and a customer centric business model as the key to success. • To analyse successful international business models and identify their unique selling points. • To innovate and build differentiation experiences through an in-depth analysis of global trends. • To apply the balanced scorecard to customer experience journey design. • To adjust your business to consumers every changing expectations to increase your profitability.

Course details

Who is the course for?

For customers, value is the perceived benefits of the products or services received. For companies, the value is customer satisfaction, which results in the added profit margins, loyalty, retention, and gains in market share. You will learn how the most successful companies in the world found their elements of differentiation and the key to sustainable business success. Self-paced course.
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