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Intense practical training for future leaders in culinary arts Taught across six semesters, including two professional internships, this Bachelor program combines intensive culinary arts training with rigorous academic studies of business and management topics.

What you will learn

What you will learn
Your culinary journey through this Bachelor program starts with learning the fundamentals; then continues through advanced practice before culminating in two semesters of master classes In the first semester you will learn fundamental techniques in culinary and pastry arts, working in small classes under the instruction of our highly qualified, expert chef-instructors. You will also learn contemporary cuisine and become immersed in the world of restaurant operations. Your first professional internship is followed by a semester devoted to advanced practice. Again, in small classes, you will develop your skills in various types of cuisine, including Mediterranean, bistro, gastronomic and healthy & natural. A second professional internship enables you to test your accumulated skills, before you reach the zenith of the program with two semesters of culinary master classes. These are taught alongside a two-part Innovation Lab that will give you a uniquely strong perspective on future gastronomic trends. Soft skills and business acumen are equally vital to success in the food service industry. So this Bachelor program includes a complete portfolio of academic courses dedicated to business and management topics. Across four academic semesters you will study subjects including: - Food technologies - Purchasing & supply chain - Financial & managerial accounting - Business English & communications - Food science & nutrition - Concept design, architecture & engineering - Digital marketing, social media & sales - Entrepreneurship & business models - Project management Your academic studies culminate in the completion of a Bachelor Business Project, where you will create your own food service concept and develop a business plan to bring it to market.

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Our flagship Bachelor programs teach practical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills, making them ideal for high school graduates seeking careers in the luxury hospitality, F&B and pastry industries. You'll graduate with an outstanding educational background, ready to become a leader in the hospitality and culinary industry, or to forge a path as an entrepreneur. You will complete this Bachelor program having gained expertise in both culinary arts techniques and business/management theory; together with two significant periods of real-world professional experience on your resume. Job and career opportunities for our Bachelor graduates include (but are not limited to): - Entrepreneur - Restaurant manager - F&B manager - Events and catering manager - Franchise manager - Product development manager - Manager in the food industry - Culinary consultant