Course overview

The program features a dual undergraduate bachelor's degree program offered by FUA-AUF and Fairfield University. Online, hybrid, low-residency, and on-campus options available.

What you will learn

Four flexible coursework options: - Fully remote: all coursework is taking on a remote-learning basis. - Hybrid: coursework is taken as a combination of remote delivery and on-campus instruction. - Low residency: coursework mostly takes place on a remote basis with some residential on-campus sessions. - On campus: coursework taken in Florence with the exception of 18 credits taken on a remote basis. Requirements: - 48 Gen Ed credits - Core Corriculum - Capstone Project - Concentration Coursework - Electives - 120 minimum credits for graduation (some programs may require additional credits) Hospitality focus: The Hospitality curriculum for the BLS Degree in Liberal Studies requires Undergraduate Core, Major, and Elective requirements and requirement subcategories as illustrated below. Coursework fosters a greater understanding of hospitality industry factors such as the differences between cultures, tourism trends, and transportation in tourism. The students, prospective professionals of the industry, will engage in hospitality activities in the areas of lodging, food and beverage, and tour operators. Coursework is supported by experiential learning methodologies that directly involve students in industry experience and the local community. Program advantages: - A dynamic study experience in an international context. - Distinct program concentrations featured in all degrees. - Excellent academic learning, facilities, and resources accessible throughout the program. - International faculty and small classroom size. - Student Life and Development department for student support, services, and extracurricular activities. - Florence is a prime Italian city for its culture, economy and central position located 1.5 hours from Rome and Milan. - Admission Processes facilitated by highly qualified university staff.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The program is open to all high school graduates, AA or professional certificate graduates, as well as transfer students.