Course overview

Gain a career advantage in the int'l context of Florence, Italy. The Hospitality track features specializations in hospitality management, special event management, wellness/spa management, and real estate management.

What you will learn

Career Programs are unique for their combination of experiential learning and practice in the field within the Florentine community. The Food, Wine, and Wellness program is designed to full immerse participants in the field of hospitality management and tourism. Fundamentals are covered in the first year, and the second year concentrations deepen knowledge through operational and management approaches, direct experience, and local/international perspectives. Course in both years are supported by experiences in the creative learning labs of Apicius. These labs interact with the local community and are spaces where learning is directly applied and shared in a community context. Professional practice is thus an integrated component of core program academics. Creative labs associated with this program are Fedora Pastry Shop, Ganzo Restaurant, Sorgiva Spa, and Dimora Guest Apartments. Year 1: Hospitality Management common core Year 2, choose 1 specialization: - Hospitality Management - Special Event Management - Spa Management - Real Estate and Facilities Management A fast-track direct access program is available for students to take 2 introductory courses and transition immediately to Year 2. A single semester of any of the above programs may be requested, prerequisites may apply.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Programs open to motivated students seeking to develop new skills and knowledge while building a body of work and professional experience in an international learning environment. Participant categories may include: - High school graduates seeking a food/hospitality educations - Individuals seeking a career change - Adults for continuing education - College students who are food/hospitality majors seeking related fields for transferable study abroad experiences. Tuition benefits available for Italian and EU citizens. Programs approved for aid through the US Department of Veterans Affairs.