Course overview

The Higher Technical and Professional Course in Cooking and Food Production aims to train technicians to be capable of conceiving, organising and executing food preparation and confection activities, following the evolution and creativity of culinary and gastronomy trends, while respecting the seasonality, nutrition and food hygiene principles.

What you will learn

a) Specialized knowledge in information and communication technologies; b) In-depth knowledge of innovative cooking techniques; c) In-depth knowledge of kitchen management and organization; d) In-depth knowledge of kitchen and pastry decorations and design; e) In-depth knowledge of nutrition, food preservation and technology; f) Specialized knowledge of food and beverage management — cost control.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Working in the hospitality and catering sectors or its own career, being able to participate in the kitchen organisation, elaborating the Kitchen Plan, bearing in mind the principles and procedures of the HACCP system, as well as the sanitary norms of certain venues, equipment and utensils; Being responsible for conceiving, organising and executing food preparation and confection activities.