Course overview

This course explores how to develop strategies to maximize employee engagement and drive behavior with cutting-edge people programs and culture initiatives.

What you will learn

What you will learn
• To build on the module Organisational Alignment, the concept of a values-driven workplace culture is developed further in terms of “how-to”. • To investigate into business strategy and people strategy through the use of self-study exercises (e.g., case studies, readings, reflection exercises, and listening to industry expert interviews). • To evaluate how to put human resources practices in place in order to ‘fit’ with business strategy and ‘fit’ with a values-driven workplace culture, focusing on attracting, selecting, developing and retention ideas. • Underpinning of all concepts with current theoretical discussion to explore application within the hospitality industry in order to impact success of the organisation.

Course details

Who is the course for?

You will learn to plant the roots of true engagement in the organization by creating a proprietary decision framework steeped in core values and principals. The course will provide strategies and systems for attracting and selecting the best organizational culture-fit people, as well as developing and retaining top performers. Self-paced course.