What you will learn

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: clearly understand the nutritional information required to support menus and products, and rules regarding nutrition content claims and health claims generate a greater understanding of the marketing mechanism of food and health trends understand the drivers behind who makes a superfood super discuss popular health claims on prominent menus. Who is this course for? Restaurateurs, chefs, hospitality professionals, menu and product developers, food and health bloggers, retailers of edible products, fitness and wellness professionals and the lifelong learner interested in nutritional health trends. Instructor: Samantha Gowing Before nutrition became trendy, before kale became the superfood superstar, and before the green juice Instagram selfie was ever a ‘thing’, there was Sam Gowing, spreading the word on healthy cuisine and all that it encompasses. This Chef hat-winning restaurateur traded her fast-paced city career to follow her passion for health and well being, retrained as a clinical nutritionist, coupled with a Master’s degree in gastronomic tourism from the prestigious, Le Cordon Bleu. Sam is the self-published author of The Healing Feeling, and she continues to write prolifically on the future of food and food trends and the impact on health and nutrition. Career Opportunities Participants will depart having a greater awareness of the current and potential culinary wellness income streams, food trends to pursue and fads to avoid. They will understand the legalities around nutritional claims.