Course overview

With this online course, you will obtain the fundamental knowledge, skills, and practice to be able to make successful business decisions related to hotel development and investments: asset management, feasibility analysis, development and negotiations and valuation of hotel investments.

What you will learn

Valuation of Hotel Investments Explain the principles of the capital structure (debt and equity) and give examples of their application in hotel valuation Examine the different methods of hotel valuation and apply them to real life examples Hotel Asset Management Defend the crucial perspective of hotel asset management, in order to meet investment objectives and create sustainable profits Analyze the components of the hotel sector in terms of types of hotel products, international brands and various business models and contracts Develop an ‘asset management’ toolkit for evaluating projects Feasibility Analysis Explain the entire hotel development process, from evaluating a site, space planning, recommending facilities, to conducting a feasibility and evaluation of the project viability Construct a project plan for the development of a new hotel Break down the key commercial HOT’s and levers of the main contract types

Course details

Who is the course for?

Week 1 to 5 Hotel Investments: - Hotels and real estate - Markets and their efficiency - Capital types & capital structure - Loans - Valuation analysis - Direct capitalization-conclusion - Investment valuation - Investment analysis - Final assessment Week 6 to 10 Asset Management: - Data ownership control & liability - Analysis, tools and building strategies - Budget - owner’s perspectives - Asset management plan - Various stages of asset management - Final assessment Week 11 to 15 Feasibility Analysis: - Strategic hotel investments - Feasibility analysis - Site analysis - Financial feasibility - Stakeholders - Hotel operators - HMA negotiations - Final assessment