Successful Hotel Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Successful Hotel Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

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Course overview

Digital marketing has emerged as the pillar of many businesses’ promotion and branding strategy. In this online course, you will gain general knowledge about the principles of digital marketing and acquire the skills, analytical techniques and approaches to apply digital strategies effectively for customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

What you will learn

Categorize consumer expectations and behavior across digital platforms Apply market segmentation techniques Interpret digital marketing analytics to distinguish customers Develop strategies for customer relationship management Explain the key issues and challenges of digital marketing Integrate digital marketing with traditional marketing activities

Course details

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Week 1 Seeing the big picture of digital marketing Digital marketing fundamentals Customer-focused digital marketing Week 2 Building a strong brand with content marketing Content marketing Different types of online media Build an engaging Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Branding: the science of storytelling Week 3 Social media, user-generated content, and digital performance Developing customer engagement on social media Listen in to your target market Transforming big data into smart data Multi-channel attribution models Week 4 Digital Marketing challenges and what’s next Insights from hospitality executives Week 5 Final assessment