Introduction to the fundamentals of Chocolate and Confectionery

Introduction to the fundamentals of Chocolate and Confectionery



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Course overview

The “Introduction to the Fundamentals” programs are designed specifically for food enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs or professionals seeking to discover the fundamentals of French Gastronomy. Through these highly immersive and practical programs, participants will acquire the fundamentals of professional techniques, understand the working environment of a professional kitchen and master the most iconic recipes of French Gastronomy.

What you will learn

★ Objectives - Master the fundamentals of chocolate work - Produce a range of chocolates and confectionery - Creation of commercial products and displays ★ Contents - Creation of basic productions: ganache, praliné and almond paste - Production of confectionery: pâte de fruit, nougats and caramels - Production process and different chocolate crystallisation techniques - Manual and mechanical dipping techniques - Creation of commercial material and a window display - Chocolate decorations for entremets ★ Teaching methods - Demonstrations of professional practices - Hands-on practice: students make all products themselves - Applied technology - Critical analysis of productions

Course details

Who is the course for?

Course for english speaking professionals, food enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, who strive to learn more about the fundamentals of French Gastronomy. French isn't necessary to attend this course, but it is recommended, especially for daily life in Paris.