Course overview

This online course is designed to develop a deeper understanding of the issues related to managing across cultures. Over the course of the five weeks, you will explore the ways in which culture can be analyzed using proposed frameworks, examine how culture influences organizations, and evaluate effective strategies for managing cultural differences and diversity.

What you will learn

Explore and understand the way the way culture (national, corporate, functional etc.) influence organizations Evaluate and apply different approaches to managing multicultural teams Identify and assess the attitudes and behaviors necessary to lead in a culturally diverse environment Analyze and compare your own cultural assumptions and those of others and how this impact your leadership style

Course details

Who is the course for?

Week 1 Why culture matters What is culture Spheres of culture Exploring culture Patterns of culture Week 2 How culture impacts management practice Culture and strategy Culture and structure Culture and human resource management Week 3 Cross cultural competences Competences of a global leader Factors that lead to a successful cultural adjustment Cultural intelligence (CQ) Developing CQ CQ and emotional intelligence Week 4 Multicultural teams Team properties and effectiveness Common challenges in multicultural teams Leading multicultural teams Week 5 Final assessment