Course overview

The Master of Science (MSc) in Hospitality Business Innovation is designed for professionals in the hospitality industry who recognise the benefits of postgraduate education in hospitality management in the digital age. The programme is designed to nurture future leaders of the hospitality industry. Students must complete one introductory workshop (1 credit) and 10 compulsory subjects (3 credits each) to satisfy the graduation requirements.

What you will learn

Programme Aims The aim of this programme is to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the field of hospitality by nurturing their strategic perspectives and offering opportunities for practical implementation. Students gain industry experience, management skills and research competency through interdisciplinary subject exposure, problem identification, decision making theory and management practice. Due to the global nature of the hospitality industry in the digital age, the programme has an international focus, while also recognising the characteristics of the Asian context. Characteristics This is a self-financed credit-based programme that is delivered solely online. The subjects are designed to accommodate the learning needs of mature and experienced hotel managers who already hold a degree or equivalent qualification in the field. The learning and teaching methods are participant-centred, with a significant emphasis on experiential exercises, seminars, lectures and syndicated group work. Individual subjects are designed to meet students’ postgraduate academic needs in terms of the duration and content of study.

Course details

Who is the course for?

The HBI is designed for seasoned hospitality professionals who want to advance their careers in the digital era by completing advanced postgraduate level study that focuses on innovation, creativity and hospitality leadership.