What you will learn

Our Professional Special Diets Course has been designed to give you the tools to become an expert in adapting a recipe to a specific diet whether it is based on health reasons or religious beliefs. Any chef working in the health, childcare or aged care sector must know how to create meals that fulfil the dietary requirements of the clients of the institution and work with dietitians to ensure that the recommended dietary intake is achieved. In order to be able to prepare foods that fulfil nutritional and dietary requirements as well as specific cultural or religious needs, a thorough understanding of the underpinning information is necessary. Some of topics covered include: Health and Legal consequences Diets for Coeliac, Gluten Free, Restricting Sodium, Diabetics, Cholesterol, Weight Loss Religion-based and Cultural diets, preparation and cooking for religion Healthy diets and menus The impacts of nutrition and guidelines Adjusting recipes Healthy related diets Understanding safe ingredients and cross contamination Food sensitivity and allergies Recommendations for healthy eating for diabetics Texture modification Health and legal consequences Diets for coeliac, gluten free, restricting sodium, diabetics, cholesterol, weight loss Religion-based and cultural diets preparation and cooking for religion Healthy diets and menus