What you will learn

We are excited to welcome you to our Sustainable Practices for Food Professionals Short Course. Hotels and food service establishments do not operate in isolation; they are part of a global economic, social and environmental ecosystem. Food service sources products from suppliers; the land, and the sea and processes these into beautiful dishes that are served to our customers. This processing of food has many impacts on this delicate ecosystem. Businesses (and individuals) need to be concerned with transforming the way they work to protecting the planet and its people for future generations, This program introduces learners to global sustainability concepts, issues and concerns providing a context for sustainability. Through the course the learner will gain a good understanding of food production methods and the impact of food service has on the environment. We discuss the challenges that food service faces in implementing sustainable choices and actions that they are taking to become more sustainable.What you will learn: -Explain global sustainability concepts, issues and concerns -Discuss sustainable decisions and actions that foodservice can take and reasons for these - Identify some challenges to a business in implementing sustainable practices. - Describe why a successful distribution model is necessary to support the infrastructure of sustainable food. - Explain current sustainability issues in food production (agriculture, livestock and seafood and some solutions for food service. - Explain current sustainability issues regarding water, energy and waste and potential solutions for food service.