Course overview

The Higher Professional Technical Course in Tourism Digital Marketing (level 5) has the aim of training the personnel responsible for the planing, implementing, managing, monitoring and assessing digital marketing strategies and campaigns using new information and communication technologies, applied to the tourism sector through all the digital channels.

What you will learn

a) Comprehensive knowledge of information and communication technologies that include the bases of the most used programming languages ​​on the world wide web; b) Comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurship; c) General knowledge of the English language; d) Fundamental knowledge for the global understanding of the tourism phenomenon , which include the analysis of markets and different types of tourist activity; e) Specialized knowledge in marketing, distribution and reservation channels, communication and digital promotion of tourist products and services; f) Specialized knowledge of design and communication for the development and/or innovation of tourism products and services.

Course details

Who is the course for?

Manager/ technician of digital marketing, social media, brands, online campaingns, online content; Media analyst; Digital marketing manager.