Course overview

Address your customers where they spend their time. 80% of network traffic consists of videos. Consumers remember video-containing material better than text or still pictures. A modern company is not relevant if the customer encounter is not of high quality also online. Using videos you may encounter your customers online effectively and impressively. Video marketing is not expensive nor too difficult

What you will learn

What you will learn
In this course you will learn: why video marketing is an effective way to communicate how to reach your target markets in social media how to create a video marketing strategy for your company what are the possibilities of using videos in your company communication how to produce and distribute videos effectively how to manage your customer experiences and communicate directly with your customers online how to produce your own customer-oriented and interesting content online and avoid situations, where your company brand and customers are in the hands of third-party systems or retailers

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Course material: over 2,5 h of video, quizzes Course outline: Module 1. The function of video in the post-pandemic economy Module 2. How to develop an objective and video strategy Module 3. How to leverage your brand with video Module 4. How video has changed how we do business